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Nursing Education Action Plan

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Nursing Education Action Plan

Strategies & Action Steps



Action Team 

® = responsible for convening team

Next Steps

Timeframe for Action 

1.  Community Engagement





Educating / Engaging the Public





§  Nursing representation at local events - establish a health Fair at local mall and focus on preventative health (BIP screening) and nurse role




Sharon Groschwitz












§  Use the media as a means to inform the community about the need for nurses/nursing services (like the Johnson & Johnson commercials)




Pam Lindgren, RN












§  Community engagement through: videos - nurses in action; ads on the bus going around town; ads at the Tinsletown theater before the movie starts; nurses telling their stories; educate the community about what it means to the patient about not having an RN there to take care of them! Get out to high schools or grade school to talk to students about going into nursing. Create a hotline and "Adopt-A-Nurse" program




Karen Allen 












§  Community engagement and ownership: County commissioners and mayor need to be on board and speak from TV weekly forum on nursing shortage including personal stories of nurses. The same education in Tribune - weekly (i.e., "Don't do meth, not even once." - Change to "Hire a nurse, more than one." The tribune can do stories written by patients about "An Amazing Nurse" advertising on a billboard or bus: "The Nursing Shortage, what can you do?" CALL LINE




Robin Turgesen












§  Engage local businesses related to health care to become involved in utilizing nurses and resources to help fund education and provide mentors for nursing education.















§  Community awareness of crisis at hand through engagement of chambers, Rotary, Soroptomist clubs and units of government. N/N















§  Community sponsorship of nurse appreciation day. N/N















§  Develop video for PSA














§  Community engagement & ownership for education: Hold a world cafe on this topic. Invite 1-2 people form each hospital, school of nursing and other medical practices for this. This would be done by members of this world cafe group.















§  Increase community knowledge about health care issues related to nursing shortage so that the community is behind/supportive of the need to fund, recruit, educate, etc.















§  Partner health care delivery site with nursing student: invest in educational expenses; preceptor site; mentorship; adopt a nurse 














Outreach / Engaging Key Statkeholders & Partners
















§  Identify appropriate agencies/groups to support education process




Jill Celestye??












§  Make plans to continued sponsorship/mentoring through nursing education for aging/group nurses.




Jill Celestskye (sp?)











§  Make plans for outreach of potential nurses




Jill Celestskye (sp)











§  Ask physicians associated with aging about their ideas and involve them in this process. Jill C.




Jill Celestskye (sp?)












§  Partner health care delivery site with nursing student: invest in educational expenses; preceptor site; mentorship; adopt a nurse 















§  Community ownership of education - Presentation by educators to local hospital boards or other important/key entities. The presentation Jim Fong gave would be very good to educate about importance of educating more nurses.















§  Create task force with agencies/groups to address needs and make proposal for  increase education of nurses at different levels















§  Community Task Force (headed by OHSU/RCC nursing departments) to facilitate: a) collaboration of stakeholders (hospitals, clinics, nonprofits, etc.) and b) committee ($$ of stakeholders to specific slots (e.g., numbers of trainee quarters in their institutions each year)















§  Development of a community-based office to facilitate ease of entry into nursing, e.g., market the vision; serve as a single point of first contact; promote mentoring and mentors from within the community;















§  Add a link to our community website that links what is available to newcomers re: health care that would include a nursing voice/mentor - they would be available to help direct available resources - "A Nurse Resource Corp."















Organizing the Community Engagement Work
















§  Form a local committee, made up of various constituents, to address this




Pam Lindgren, RN












§  Getting more $$ - Organize task force (schools, hospitals, community health care sites) to investigate joint faculty positions to support salary issues




Sharon Groschwitz


























2. Obtain More Funding















§  Lobby local politicians for monitory support for local and state nursing education programs. Pam Lindgren, RN


ê Use a portion of the revenue generated by the Oregon Lottery for nursing education specifically, Pam Lindgren, RN






Pam Lindgren, RN












§  Identify $$ as incentives for preceptors and sites




Jill Celestage (sp)











§  Talk to OHSU R/T rural health programs.




Jill Celestage











§  To get more funding an action would be to get political involvement - either go to capital or have them here - wine and cheese party to discuss the concerns and funding around the nursing shortages.


§  Get more Funding for scholarships, teachers salaries.


§  More Funding for school, scholarships, etc. - Preceptors and mentors - take a student to work in nursing. A promise by big business to donate scholarship money (e.g., Harry & David, All hospitals, "Adopt a Nurse" Program,








Karen Allen



















Robin Turgesen















§  Scholarship from Employers - Grow our own program! Anywhere in the hospital - i.e., fiscal person interested in nursing - pay their way!




Karen Allen












§  Community vehicle managed by Oregon Community Foundation to accept and distribute scholarship funds.
















Group members


  • Karen Allen
  • Jill Celestskye
  • Sharon Groschwitz
  • Pam Lindgren, RN
  • Robin Turgesen




When should we meet?

Who When I can meet
Karen Allen  
Jill Celestskye  
Sharon Groschwitz  
Pam Lindgren  
Robin Turgesen  



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Notes on Education


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