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Initiative Overview

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  Southern Oregon Nursing Workforce Initiative




 Our Vision:


  The community of southern Oregon has a vibrant, thriving nursing workforce serving residents through every phase of their lives.    


 Our Charge:    
To address both the nursing workforce shortage and the environment that surrounds nursing practice in the private, public and non-profit sectors. 
As we recognize an increasing shortage in the nursing workforce, we wish to
     1) Characterize and enumerate the local/regional nursing workforce demand/shortage
    2) Illuminate current and likely future trends  along the following three dimensions: 
      • Nurse Recruitment - including academic advisement, preparation, education and promoting nursing as a career
      • Nurse Education - training, continuing education and professional development
      • Nurse Retention and Practice- workplace challenges and obstacles


    3)  Develop a consolidated community strategy for addressing the future of nursing as a stable,

             skilled, engaged, continually educated and respected workforce. 






In January 2006, an regional initiative was initiated by the Gordon Elwood Foundation on behalf of the southern Oregon region to address nursing workforce issues. The primary concern was to ensure an adequate workforce for future generations. A steering committee of diverse stakeholders met over the next two years to gather information, create partnerships around issues of bith education and practice and to create the first steps in addressing the future nursing workforce needs of the region. In January of 2008, we convened two World Cafes in Medford as a way to bring into the process the voices of nurses as a whole and not just the "experts."  Invitees included front-line nurses, nurse supervisors and executives, nurse educators, and students.  Information and research was shared, questions asked of the participants and strategic priorities identified for action.


Click here to view/download the Information Overview PowerPoint Presentation from the Nursing Summit World Cafe 



Click here to view the Action Plans for: Nurse Recruitment, Nursing Education, Nurse Retention  (Stay tuned, in process)




  Click here to view/download the List of Participants at the World Cafes (stay tuned, gathering data)




Authorizing entities/partners: include the sponsoring partners listed below


  • Gordon Elwood Foundation
  • Jackson & Josephine County Board of Commissoners
  • Jefferson Regional Health Alliance 
  • Rogue Valley Workforce Development Council

      Click here to see the complete list of member organizations within these regional associations (stay tuned, gathering data)


    How We're Organized


  • Design and Steering Groups: Work groups charged with organizing and coordinating the work.


    Click here to view/download a list of steering group members


  • Self-organizing, self-directed work groups: made up of stakeholders from the World Cafes, taking on projects and getting the work done.


      Click here to view/download an intiative overview & organizational diagram












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